Friday, 3 February 2012

"My injury wasn't just physical, it was also mental"

To understand this Kaka at Real Madrid need to know the way from the start. "So begins the story that ESPN has done on the Brazilian and his injuries, he discovered Ball Point on Wednesday. The first images are of their presentation the Bernabeu before more than 50,000 followers and the first three months of football. But it was his first setback. The groin injury that has already had in his time at Milan reappeared in Madrid: "I worked and worked and finally I was still hurting, bothered me.They were difficult times. They said I was preparing for the World Cup. When you reach a level, all you do not believe you. "
Then came the World Cup in South Africa and Kaka was wrong. He finished the competition and decided to take action: "I felt good, had trouble pubis and knee. I said you have to fix the machine. Not working well and we have to do something." He was made an unprecedented workup gave some revealing results. "I had a muscle imbalance problem suffered knee and groin."
In the summer of 2010, with Mourinho and in front of Madrid ("I wanted to work with him, know more and learn," he says of his coach), Kaka goes under the knife and will face a long recovery process until January , 2011. Were his toughest moments he remembers the story: "When you're out and without conditions, you feel helpless. You can not do anything. Some days you wake up and have no mind. Worked and kept bothering me, I did not know what else to do . Not only is physical injury, mental injury also. And you wonder if I can return, how will I return, if I will be able to continue at the highest level. " It was the greatest tragedy that can live an athlete.
Now things have changed for him. "We must be strong because it's hard head," he said. He has been strong and Mourinho has given more mental toughness. In the last three games again the splendid Kaka. It aims to be that of Milan. Did you succeed?

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